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John Brown: Bios

Megan Sterner - writer

Megan is from the kingdom of Gug and feels it far more enlightening to be a Gargoyle than human, but she has been banished to the land of Sleepwalker and cursed with an intricate longing to write very bad poetry. She has been charged with the care of the animals.

Rolf Drake

Rolf has awkwardly stumbled into the role of pseudo-journalist after the apparent suicide of Hunter S. Thompson. Feeling the gaping hole left by the inventor of Gonzo, Rolf decided it was time to keep up the fight against corporate sponsored journalism. His goal, to spread the word about subjects hardly covered or ignored completely by mainstream media.

Norman Everett Sterner III - Manchild

Miles, as he is called on the island he governs finds life in the wilds the only means in which he can be normal. To live up to his name he drinks from the mountain spring, eats off the elk, whose hide he adorns, and sleeps under the sky. When he is forced back into civilization he plays baseball, fishes with his dad on Avondale lake and drives the "hens" wild - the three women in his life, grandmother, mother and sister.