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John Brown: Translations

"As sound pent up in the narrow channel of a trumpet, comes out sharper and stronger, so it seems to me that thought, compressed into the numbered feet of poetry, springs forth much more violently and strikes me a much stiffer jolt."


Transmogrification: I am Calm

Posted on September 18, 2009 with 0 comments
The River

I am calm.
Calmer and calmer
until I think I am going to die--
young and tender fatigue
wrapped around me.

I am brought to my knees
so resigned am I
to see a river and a grove--
the gentleness astonishes.

I see how real life is--
light, grove, river.

Fernando Pessoa
Translation by Megan Sterner


The poet is a phony who
pirates absolutely
-tricks even love to
feel her own pain.

The reader must be weary
of desire's rampant woes
-though love's attribute
the fact is a dying for.

Thus love reroutes herself
draws away from heart
-tactic keeps snake
on a circular course.

Self-Analysis II

The poet is a phony who
fakes a feeling absolutely
fakes a thirst so great
as to remember his true pain.

The reader who reads
endures not his thirst or
glory of pain's memory, but
covets a lament he ne'er can retain.

And again diverting the grasp
of rein on iron horse
our hearts keep on
this runaway course.

Fernando Pessoa
Translation by Megan Sterner

Miles Files

Posted on August 1, 2009 with 0 comments

The Hunt
Miles Norman Everett Sterner III

As sun dances in the sky
Chief Man Child looks for prey
with the spear that his sister made
-quite a present fashioned with kelp and sea shells.
He spots humans in the distance on
his land of White Spear and makes his way
towards them, spear held high
-white bird of prey.
Man Child throws, misses, he swipes a
wooden knife charging the bleached bird
hurling the death blade at the sand, off target.
He attacks the gull again and his prey falls like
the first snow flake of the winter
-at last he has dinner!

White of Milk

Milk is good
Milk is so creamy
And so good

Milk, milk, milk,
Milk, milk, milk.

The light of the white
So creamy and good.

The milk

The light
Of the milk.

The light of the milk
I will drink it every day.

Milk, milk, milk ,milk

The white of the milk!

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