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John Brown: Translations

Miles Files

Posted on August 1, 2009 with 0 comments

The Hunt
Miles Norman Everett Sterner III

As sun dances in the sky
Chief Man Child looks for prey
with the spear that his sister made
-quite a present fashioned with kelp and sea shells.
He spots humans in the distance on
his land of White Spear and makes his way
towards them, spear held high
-white bird of prey.
Man Child throws, misses, he swipes a
wooden knife charging the bleached bird
hurling the death blade at the sand, off target.
He attacks the gull again and his prey falls like
the first snow flake of the winter
-at last he has dinner!

White of Milk

Milk is good
Milk is so creamy
And so good

Milk, milk, milk,
Milk, milk, milk.

The light of the white
So creamy and good.

The milk

The light
Of the milk.

The light of the milk
I will drink it every day.

Milk, milk, milk ,milk

The white of the milk!

Worlds Best Brother In-Law or Family Fun Center

Moose this, squirrel that -gosh
but funner than ever.
Go carts zipping, bumper boats
-well just bumping
having fun all day putting on
the mini green, eating pizza with
bacon, playing games
you have not seen anywhere
-what a day with Bugbee.