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John Brown: Translations

Transmogrification: The poet is a pirate

Posted on August 8, 2009 with 0 comments

The poet is a phony who
pirates absolutely
-tricks even love to
feel her own pain.

The reader must be weary
of desire's rampant woes
-though love's attribute
the fact is a dying for.

Thus love reroutes herself
draws away from heart
-tactic keeps snake
on a circular course.

Self-Analysis II

The poet is a phony who
fakes a feeling absolutely
fakes a thirst so great
as to remember his true pain.

The reader who reads
endures not his thirst or
glory of pain's memory, but
covets a lament he ne'er can retain.

And again diverting the grasp
of rein on iron horse
our hearts keep on
this runaway course.

Fernando Pessoa
Translation by Megan Sterner